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Best Podcasts to Binge While Quarantined [Ultimate List]

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Springtime is not a good time to be stuck inside. Just when we could finally be venturing out to shake off the dust from winter, some people are finding themselves unable to get outside.

If you didn’t have a chance to hit up your local library before they closed their doors and are already bored of everything that your streaming services have to offer, it’s time to turn to the unsung heroes of entertainment:


While there are plenty of mainstream podcasts out there, we are going to bring you 100 unique, indie options to throw some spice into your listening life from someone you’ve never heard of before.

No matter what you're in the mood for, you'll find something to keep you entertained! We've divided the shows up into these 4 categories:

  • Business

  • Entertainment

  • Self-improvement

  • Random

Oh, and keep your eye out as your reading - a couple of the podcasts threw in some free giveaways just for you!

These podcasts are for listeners who are business owners, or those who are just interested in business-oriented practices.

Your High Vibe Business

This podcast is run by two great business-owning pep-talkers who help entrepreneurs with everything from public speaking, to marketing and publicity, to landing new clients.

Manage Your Message

We love MYM because its host, Jim Karrh, offers real, practical advice to businesses through a fantastic guest lineup, from journalist to CEOs to authors.

Steal This Idea!

Are you a big-picture thinker? If so, you’ll love this podcast. Follow along with the hosts as they discuss creative and innovative products and inventions.

Success Breeds Success

John Molyneux is a relatable and approachable podcast host, and he’s also a great resource to listen to if you’ve ever aspired to live a lofty, successful life.

Somethin’ to Tech About

This one’s run by two tech-guru ladies who have tons of resources for 21st century education, remote working, and all things Google. If you’re dumbfounded by technology, this podcast is for you.

The Financial Strength Project

Are you flabbergasted by the financials of business? The hosts of TFSP get into the nitty-gritty of budgeting, extra incomes, dividends, and achieving financial freedom.

The Marketing Book Podcast

Marketing is an ever shifting science. The host of the show interviews some amazing best-selling authors, bringing you their experience and wisdom (with a fair bit of wit here and there as well!)

Tales of the Trade

If you’re ever looked at a successful entrepreneur and wondered how they got where they are, this podcast interviews CEOs, business owners, and other successful people to answer that for you.

Twelve Minute Talks

TMT host Lorena is an accomplished business owner who chats with like-minded individuals on her podcast to provide listeners with business solutions to common questions.

Flipping Genius

Are you curious about making money in an usual way? This great podcast gives you the rundown on making a living by buying and selling used cars.

Birth Your Vision

This is a great podcast made by women in business, for women in business. Sometimes the best advice for a female entrepreneur can only come from a fellow one.

The Sci-Files on Impact 89 FM

Learn something new from the researchers at Michigan State University, who are interviewed to report on their latest project findings, research discoveries, and business ventures.

TED Talks 2 Much

For a lighthearted podcast to lift your spirits in this dreary time, tune in to Ted Talks 2 Much, which covers the stand up comedians and other amazing guests on TED talks. In the first 5 episodes alone, the guests bring a combined 75 years of stand up experiences to share & next up, health permitting is the man known as the Godfather of Detroit Comedy.

Digital Savage Experience

Podcast host Roman interviews a variety of guests to help spread motivational stories of overcoming weakness, defeating adversity, and putting personal doubt to the side in order to achieve your best self.

The Poolside Podcast

This is another easy listening podcast that covers a variety of topics (excluding politics at all times, making it perfect for those who need a current events break) hosted by a couple of easygoing folks that feel like friends.

The Thursday Night Dinner

If you enjoy researching local business reviews, this podcast is perfect for you. Listen to two pals throw their two cents in on local restaurants.

Awful Service Podcast

In the service and hospitality business, a sense of humor is part of the job description. In this podcast, you can relate to interviews of other customer service employees, who share their experiences from a day in the life.

Want to feel like a new person? These podcasts might be able to help you there.

Cold Case Christianity

This podcast leaves no stone unturned in the world of leading a faith-based life, answering questions about religious principles, Christianity, marriage, church, and the gospel.

Now That We’re a Family

The Voetbergs have some great advice about all things family: marriage, maintaining the spark in a relationship, money, raising children. If you have hard questions about your home life, this podcast can help you answer them.

The Menopause Project

If you’re going through menopause, you’re probably pretty anxious about it. You can get real about this topic with other women, and hear from experts in the field who know what you’re going through.


This is a great motivation-themed podcasts. It focuses on the power to overcome, from addiction to obesity and more. The host is on a physical fitness journey, and interviews other people to share their stories.

Be Inspired With Jen

Jen is a fantastically down-to-earth single mother who aims to help motivate her listeners into leading a more optimistic life by sharing her struggles with anxiety disorder, depression, and PTSD.

The Thoughts of SHE

This female-powered podcast delivers some real talk on relatable subjects in a unique way: through spoken-word poetry. Listen to poet Rasheeda’s words on love, self-discovery, and growth.

The Mums Lounge

If you happen to be locked in the house with your kids, you might welcome some parenting hacks and advice from fellow parents right now. Give The Mums Lounge a listen if you need to know how other mothers are faring.

Close the Chapter

This podcast is a fantastic resource for anyone recovering from childhood abuse and neglect. Host Kristen interviews a variety of professionals to help childhood trauma survivors heal.

Don’t Just Breathe… Live!

If you’ve been feeling like you’re just floating through life, this podcast can help you inject some spark into your lifestyle. The energetic host helps you live life to the fullest.