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The first time I designed a website, I made a huge mistake...

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Brady Smith


Invicta Enterprises

At that point I, like most people, just did things the 'normal' way.

❌  We had long-term contracts

❌  The process took a long time

❌  My clients ended up having to put a lot of time into the project

❌  We were limited on how many pages, how many updates, and how much support we could offer

❌  Large down payments that interrupted cash flow

All in all - it was a hassle. I quickly realized that instead of solving problems for my clients, this whole 'normal' process was CAUSING problems for them.

Obviously, that's NOT how I wanted to run a company, so we did something drastic.

We threw the 'normal way' in the trash and put our heart & soul into creating a new way of doing website design.

We like to call it the "Invicta Method" but really it's just a common sense, streamlined approach to quickly and easily getting you the best website possible (without the headaches).

Now our clients enjoy:

✅ No longer-term contracts

✅ A new site in about 30 days (or less)

✅ No large deposits - just a flat, affordable monthly payment

✅ Unlimited pages AND unlimited updates AND unlimited support

✅ PLUS (and our clients LOVE this one) - clients get a FREE design refresh every 2 years!

A professional website - headache free. That's our goal. It's what we strive to deliver to our clients every day.

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