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The first time I designed a website, I made a huge mistake...

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Brady Smith


Invicta Enterprises

At that point I, like most people, didn't realize that there is more to building an effective website beyond putting some pictures & text on the internet.

Or that there is a big difference between having a website and having an EFFECTIVE website.

Being the slightly obsessive person that I am, I started digging in.

Years later and with many, many website designs under my belt, I discovered a strategy to web design.

It was a bit of a revelation really and it totally transformed the way I approach design.

Here's what I learned...

Most websites are shooting in the dark because they are missing one key thing - they do not know their purpose!

It's simple, but profound.

Honing in on purpose changes everything.


Want to see what I mean?


I put together a special free training for you where I walk you through the exact process I use with my design clients to laser target their purpose & optimize their website accordingly.

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