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Website Eval + Custom Blueprint + Coaching

Let’s be honest..

Most small business websites are...not great. 

And because of that you are losing business. 

75% of consumers say that they judge a business based on their website. 

If someone were to judge your business based on your website...

Is that going to make you lose clients?

A bad experience online...

❌ Scares away customers,

❌ Loses you business,

❌ Reduces profits,

❌ & worst of all, causes you all kinds of headaches!

I get it - you’re busy focusing on your business, not your website. 

A lot of the people that I work with say that most of it comes down to the fact that they just don’t want to mess with it.

Too much of a learning curve.

They don’t even know where to start!

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. 

That’s why I want to give you a free website assessment.

I’ve set aside some time to sit down, go over your website, and create a detailed repair blueprint. 

Now if it stopped there, that’d be pretty lame.

What’s good is a blueprint if you don’t know how to implement it?

That’s why in addition to your free website assessment and repair blueprint...

I’m giving you an hour of free coaching.

Together, we’ll go over your custom repair blueprint and I will show you exactly how to implement the changes yourself.

This free website assessment and repair blueprint, plus the coaching, is going to take your website from seriously lacking to seriously awesome in about an hour.

Plus you will learn how to make changes so you can continue to keep your site up to date. 

Imagine this...

Instead of an outdated, not very pretty website that drives customers away...

You will end our time together with:

A vastly improved site that attracts more leads,

Gets you more customers,

Boosts your profits,

And thereby provides you with more money and more freedom. 

How does that sound?

Before we go any further I need to be brutally honest with you...

The reason I’m giving you this free website assessment, plus the repair blueprint, plus the coaching, is because a percentage of the people we do this for want to become clients. 

In the event you decide to be a client a full website redesign is around $7500. Which includes a ton of stuff...


A whole new look,

SEO services,

Content creation...

Tons of stuff.

All done for you, no fuss, no headaches.

Just pure awesomeness where once was lameness. 

That being said, I want to reassure you...

I promise, the free website assessment, repair blueprint, and coaching session, will not be a sales pitch in disguise!

Everyone hates that kind of thing - I hate that kind of thing!

I promise I am not going to try and sell you ANYTHING.

I’m going to give you that free website assessment, blueprint, & coaching session, with no sales pitch, and like I said, it is 100% free.

And just to reassure you some more...

I'm so confident you will find value in the website assessment, repair blueprint, and coaching session that if, at the end, you tell me I've wasted your time, I'm going to give you a $100 Amazon gift card. 

So what do you say?

Are you ready to finally have your website work for you instead of against you?

If your answer is yes...

Then your next step is to click HERE to schedule your coaching session.

Once you put your info in, I will go over your website, create your repair blueprint, and have that ready to go for the coaching session so you can hit the ground running.

Click HERE I’ll talk with you soon!

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