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Full Website Redesign


These days, your website is your first impression. So you better make sure it's a good one. That's where we come in. With years of practice and dozens of happy clients to show for it, we have the experience and knowledge to take your website to the next level.

When was the last time you updated your website? Schedule a call today.


74% of visitors admit that they judge a website based solely on its design look and feel.

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Are you a service-based business looking for a professional website?

My name is Brady & I specialize in helping service-based businesses have professional, optimized websites so they can focus on the things they care about, eliminate tech headaches, and most importantly, get the respect their business deserves.

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❌  No more long, drawn out processes that are confusing!

✅  Our streamlined process eliminates tech headaches, frees up your time, and keeps business moving forward!


❌  No more language barriers (we’re native English speakers!), no more ‘can’t get ahold of them’ or ‘they take forever to reply’

✅  Invicta is a world-class website design agency. We take pride in each client we help and are professional each step of the process. We reply quickly and helpfully to any client needs.


❌  No more feeling like just another project & not a person.

✅  We treat our clients like we like to be treated - with respect & kindness!


❌  No more feeling like your website is a scary black box. No more having people ghost on you when the project is done & leaving you in the lurch when you need support in the future.

✅  We provide detailed 'how to' videos that walk you step-by-step through the process of making simple changes to your website (adding/removing/editing text and photos) plus we're always available for any questions you might have or to help with future support needs!

Package 1

Included in a full redesign is:

Complete Site Redesign

Starting at $4500

  • Sitemap & Wireframes

  • Create a visual sitemap of the website page structure

  • Create wireframes (desktop and mobile) for each of the page categories

  • Design Mockups

  • Design mockups (Mobile and Desktop) for each of the page categories

  • Homepage

  • Subpage

  • Website Development

  • CMS account creation & set-up

  • Installing necessary plugins

  • System Integration & Set-Up

  • Optimized contact form setup

  • Additional plug ins set up - if applicable

  • Quality Check & Launch

  • Full link up for all external / internal links

  • Site publishing and testing

  • 100% optimized for mobile devices

  • Social media account integration - if applicable


What Our Clients Say


"My go-to for everything website-related... and should be yours, too!"

Abigail Smith, ICF Certified Health Coach



"He was able to recreate my vision and exceed my expectations."

Varun Bajaj,


"I encourage you to check him out & get him on board with you for your websites & your digital marketing."

Rick Green,

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A Professional Website - Headache Free

As a service-based business, you understand how important it is to stand out as a professional business in the real world.

But does that professionalism translate to your online presence?

Or have things on the web begun to slip a bit?

If you're like many business owners, it can be easy to view your website as just a basket of tech headaches! And this results in not paying as much attention to your website as it needs which results in a less-than-professional look and experience to potential clients.

That lack of professional appeal online can result in you and your business missing out big time when it comes to gaining the trust and bringing in new clients.

We are here to be your go-to solution for all things website related for your business.

We are the experts in taking websites like yours and transforming them into optimized, professional sites that attract more customers, save you tons of time so you can focus on the things that matter the most, eliminate all of your tech headaches, and help your business get the respect it deserves.

Imagine if your website:

  • just WORKED.

  • looked incredible,

  • and brought in new customers who already had an inherent trust and respect for the professionalism of your business.

Also imagine that all of this happened without you having to worry about whether the site is working right, or whether that latest change or update got done correctly.

That's what we are here for - to give you that professional, optimized website. Headache free.

How Do We Do That?

We keep it as simple as possible for you!

We offer flexible payment options as well as built-in hosting and maintenance plans (we handle all of the techy stuff for you!).

The first step is doing a quick Content Collection phone call where we ask you some basic questions about your business & create an outline for the content that will be on the website.

Once we have that outline, our world-class team of copywriters go to work using that information plus their years of experience (and over 1 million words written) to craft the text that will go on each page of the website.

While that's in-progress, we will also be working on creating a sitemap and a first draft of the look & feel of the site (we call it a Style Tile).

Once you approve the text, the sitemap, and the Style Tile, the next step is to create a mockup of the full website. We'll get your approval on that and then we'll move on to development! Once completed, we do a thorough quality check and then launch your brand new website!

Just Imagine How Happy You’ll Be With Your Site Too!

✅  100% Guaranteed you’ll be happy with your site! (just like our dozens of other clients are!)
✅  I care about my clients and I’m looking forward to hearing about your unique project!
✅  You can actually get a hold of me by phone (Try it, I’m currently available!)

Get in touch to discuss your project's needs!

If you’d like to expedite the process, you can take a second & fill out our intake form here - www.Invicta.Enterprises/Quote

That will allow us to serve you more quickly!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Brady Smith




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