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Why Speed Matters for Your Business Website

In an age where instant gratification is considered the norm, it’s no surprise that customers expect lightning-fast websites. They want to sign-in, find what they’re looking for, and get back to their own lives!

But, here’s the unfortunate truth: The speed of your website can make or break what customers think of your brand.

If your website takes 3 or more seconds to load, around 6% of your visitors will either close the tab or head to your competitors’ sites instead.

Congratulations! In just 2 extra seconds, you lost a customer.

Don’t believe us? Then, keep reading to learn about why speed is so important for your business’s website.

We’ll also drop in a few stats here and there to drive the importance home!

What the Data Shows About Website Speed

Nearly half of all people expect websites to load completely in a second or less. Whether that’s the result of impatience or simply frustration isn’t exactly important.

What matters here is what this does to your revenue.

Here are some stats that show the impact that every second makes when it comes to the speed of your website.

  • Slashing load times in half can bump sales revenue up 13%.

  • A site that takes 2.4 seconds to load will convert on an average of 1.9% of visitors.

  • Faster sites are known to improve their Google ranking by 2 positions or more.

  • 79% of customers report being less willing to buy from you again if your site is slow.

So, what do these stats mean for your business? Well, even speeding up your website’s load time by a few seconds can boost sales, recruit web traffic, and guarantee repeat customers.

Impressed yet? We’ll tell you how to make this your reality later on!

Why You Don’t Want a Slow Business Website

A bounce rate is a percentage that describes how many web visitors venture a little deeper into your website. In short, they visit at least one page.

A slow website means visitors leave….which causes that bounce rate to go up. Now, you might be thinking, “Who cares? As long as I’m making sales….”

That’s the wrong mindset to have.

Search engines like Google want to show users the best and most relevant sites related to their search query. 

A high bounce rate? Well, that looks like your website either isn’t relevant or isn’t worth sharing on Google. As a result, your normally high ranking on Google is at risk.

If nobody can even find your website, good luck capturing revenue.

And, there’s another key problem: A bad experience on your site probably won’t get you a repeat visitor.

How to Improve Your Website’s Speed

Okay, so what does it take to speed up your business’s website?

There are obvious pieces of advice

You can opt for compressed image files, limit your use of host plugins, split media-dense content into several pages, or use a fast DNS provider.

Or, you can hire the pros to do the dirty work for you.

Ready to make your business’s website fast, improve conversion rates, and boost your ranking on Google? Simple! Just fill out this questionnaire and we’ll get you a quote.

And, as always….drop your comments and questions below!

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