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Why SEO Matters for Your Business Website

What do you do when you need to hire a professional or buy a product online? 

Chances are, you whip out your smartphone and do a quick Google search. You venture onto a few different sites until you find what you’re looking for, make a purchase, and done!

But, tell us: How in-depth do you take your online searches?

If you’re like 75% of people, you stick to the first page of results. And, as a business owner, that fact can be a little disheartening. 

Not having your website displayed on the first page means only a fraction of visitors will ever find your site to begin with. That puts both your sales and revenue at serious risk.

Are you still wondering why SEO is incredibly important for your business website? Keep reading to find out what SEO can do for your site and what that may mean for your business.

We’ll also sprinkle in a few stats here and there to show you the true magnitude.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” 

That means you’re making a few important changes to your website to be sure that you “rank” better on Google. The higher your rank (i.e. The first page), the more visitors your site will see.

And, you know this one: More visitors = more revenue!

To get the most out of SEO, you’ll be adding popular keywords across your web content that your ideal customer is already searching for on Google. 

It’s cost-effective, as you don’t need to run ads, and produces organic results (aka, hot leads).

And, it’s pretty easy to accomplish if you hire experts like us to get your SEO done.

What the Research Has Shown About SEO

Good content is undoubtedly important when it comes to bumping up traffic to your website. 

But, there’s also a key problem with content: We don’t always write the way people use Google. That means you have to intentionally squeeze in a few keywords that help your site to rank.

That’s where most websites fall flat in the SEO world.

Here’s what the research says about the benefits of SEO.

  • About 36% of web visitors will click through your site if you’re ranked 1 through 3.

  • 46% of searches will come from those looking for local businesses.

  • Nearly 76% of your customers will visit your store within a day of using your site.

  • An SEO-heavy blog can help to generate 97% more backlinks for your website.

  • Top-ranked Google listings have about a 49% bounce rate.

So, you may be wondering what this all means for you and your business.

Well, these stats prove quite a few things. They show that ranking high on Google is important when it comes to drawing people to your site, local businesses benefit most from SEO, and customers are more likely to buy your products once they access your site.

SEO will bring the customers….it’s up to you to make the products worth buying!

How to Use SEO for Your Business Today

Can you do SEO by yourself? Sure you can!

The most important things you can do are make blog posts and add copywriting rich in the keywords that you want to target.

But, maybe you have a lot of competitors (either locally or worldwide). If that’s the case, sometimes it’s better to hire the professionals to do it for you.

That’s where we come in. All you have to do is fill out this questionnaire and we’ll get you a quote to get your SEO journey started.

Also, be sure to leave questions and comments below.

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