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Want to Know the Secret to Business Success?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

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The secret to business success is -

Happy Clients

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s something that many businesses miss.

And because they miss it, they end up losing big time.

You see, there’s a difference between knowing something and IMPLEMENTING it.

Business owners are constantly bombarded with:

  • Emails

  • Phone calls

  • Employee drama

  • Taxes

  • Regulations

  • Etc., etc.

Throw in the fact that most of us try to have a personal life and you get the picture.

It can be easy for the clients to end up feeling like they’re being ignored.

And that’s NOT a recipe for happy clients!

Today, we’re giving you a simple formula to help you IMPLEMENT.

By the end of this article you will be ready to:

Balance all of your important responsibilities while still being able to give your clients the attention they deserve so that they remain loyal, raving fans for years to come!

We’re also going to go over a quick automation trick that you do not want to miss.

Ready? Let’s do this!

The Simple Formula for Making Your Clients Happy

Table of Contents:

STEP #1 - Make Onboarding a Breeze & a Pleasure

Step #2 - Be Human with Humans

Step #3 - Have a Website That is Easy, Functional, Mobile, & Eye-Catching

Step #4 - Just ASK

Step #5 - Automate to Respond Faster

STEP #1 - Make Onboarding a Breeze & a Pleasure

This applies in varying levels to varying industries, but do not overlook this!

If you finally get a client (which is no easy task) and the first thing they have to go through is a bunch of nasty, confusing paperwork...

How long do you honestly expect them to hang around?

If you happen to be in the health services arena, for example, you may be saying:

“But they HAVE to fill out a bunch of paperwork!”

This may be true.

But it doesn’t mean they have to go it alone.

Customer service starts BEFORE you get the client.

However, the rubber really meets the road HERE - with the onboarding process.

What does this look like, practically speaking?

Glad you asked!

Make it Clear, Easy, & as Quick as Possible

People like to know exactly what they’re getting into. Let your clients know WHAT they need to do, HOW LONG it will take, and (most importantly):

That You Will be There EVERY Step Along the Way

This means giving them the ability to:

  • Text

  • Call

  • Email

  • Come in Person (if you have a location)

Whatever it takes to get them the info & resources they need during the onboarding process.

Seem like a lot of work?

Don’t worry - it’s not!

Plus if this small amount of effort up front saves you from having to go out and find 23% more clients…

It’s totally worth it!

Step #2 - Be Human with Humans

We live in an increasingly automated world (which can be very helpful - just stay tuned to the end of the article to see!).

However, if that automation comes at the expense of human interaction…

You will lose.

And we don’t want that!

So here are a couple of things you can do to ensure you maintain that human touch.

Interact With & Get to Know Your Clients

It’s been said that people like to work with people.

But is that really true?

You “work” with the teller at the bank, but mobile/online banking is taking off with a bullet!

It would be more accurate to say that “people like to work with people they KNOW”.

You don’t know the teller at the bank. So you’re not losing anything by using an app.

But if you KNOW your clients, and they KNOW you..

THAT’S what gives you an advantage.

So take the 2 minutes to ask them about their day.

Not sure what to say?

Here’s a little trick someone taught me once (super helpful!)...

Use the acronym F.L.O.R.

It stands for:

  • Family - do you have family nearby? Do you have siblings? Do you have kids?

  • Location - how long have you lived here? Where were you originally from?

  • Occupation - what do you do for work? How long have you done that? What did you do before that?

  • Recreation - what do you like to do for fun? How long have you done that? How’d you get into that?


Just like that you have nearly a dozen easy questions that will make the client feel like you care about THEM!

Another awesome trick…

Once you are done with that conversation, take a minute to jot down a note (either in your note app, or preferably in the Contacts app under the person’s contact info) about what you learned.

That way right before the next time you interact with that person you can refresh your memory before you talk!

That’s the kind of connection that money cannot buy.

That’s the kind of connection that will win you a loyal, raving fan!

Step #3 - Have a Website That is Easy, Functional, Mobile, & Eye-Catching

Customer service is all about making things smooth and easy for your clients.

You need to be a friction detective - finding any rough spots along the way and ironing them out ASAP.

When it comes to friction, many businesses overlook their old, outdated website.

Many do not realize the frustration & agitation it is causing their clients.

Pretty much everyone has a website these days.

We all know they’re important for...something…?

But if we’re honest, most websites are just kind of sitting there (looking less-than pretty...if we’re being honest!)

Imagine this…

  • You are new to an area and are looking for a chiropractor to begin going to on a regular basis.

  • You go to Google and type in “chiropractor [city/town name]”.

  • Up pop 12 billion results, but all you care about is that first page.

  • In reality, all you care about is probably the first 3 on that first page.

  • You click on the first website.

  • It takes forever to load.

  • When it finally does, it’s a desktop version that you can’t read very well on your phone.

  • The look is outdated, the contact info is hard to find, and it wouldn’t matter if you did find it because the font is so small you couldn’t read it anyway!

Are you going to give them your business?