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Lead Generation

No monthly charge.
Only pay if & when you get paid.

We BUILD & rank a website designed JUST to generate leads for you.

Leads call you (& only you) with a dedicated phone number so you know when leads come from us.

No monthly charges - Just a small percentage commission if & when you close a new client from the leads we send you.

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Lead Gen that Makes SensE

For a long time now, I've been searching for the best way to generate leads.

Paid advertising can be very hit and miss and puts you at the mercy of the almighty algorithm.

Traditional search engine optimization can take months to 'work' and cost thousands to see real results.

All in all, the 'normal' options just didn't cut it. And besides, we're not really into the 'normal' ways of doing business around here.

I've  been doing this for awhile and this is by far the coolest way I've  found to help clients grow their business.


Pretty much anything else out  there is a lot of $$ out of pocket for *potential* results whereas with  this, we only make any money if we are generating you leads (and quality  leads at that:) so it really does a great job aligning incentives!

Risk-free lead generation is the solution that I found & I LOVE being able to offer it to my clients.

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Get RESULTS...Or You Don't Pay

Aligned Incentives

Make marketing an asset - not an expense


Wouldn't it be nice to just have high quality leads coming to you?

It's Really Simple. Just the way It was Meant to be.

Step 1. You pay us a small, one-time set up fee

Step 2. We build out the lead funnel & set up your dedicated forwarding phone number

Step 3. New leads start contacting you within a couple days to a couple weeks (depending on your niche, competition, etc.)

Step 4. When a lead becomes a paying client (and only then!) you pay us a small, negotiable percentage commission

Step 5. Rinse and repeat. Although, we usually actually skip the 'rinsing' and just repeat

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No interference with your existing brand or website

100% Risk Free - only pay when you get paid.

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