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The Kit

Interested in the equipment I use to create the podcast?

Below are affiliate links to all of the stuff that I use to produce Another World!

Get awesome equipment AND support the show!


Samson C01 Mic

This is the mic I currently use! It's super crisp, great at capturing real sound!


Audio Cable

Not the coolest piece of equipment, but a solid, quality audio cable will make your audio the best it can be!


Best Headphones Ever

Hands down. Plus, lifetime warranty. Can't


Standing Desk

Not only is sitting all day not good for you, standing helps your voice when recording!


Mic Stand

Great for using with my standing desk!


Audio Interface

So the Samson C01 Mic I use connects to the cable which connects to this audio interface! Best way to get the highest quality audio!


Over-Ear Headphones

Great quality at a great price!


Ergonomic Computer Mouse

Looks weird, but SO comfortable & helps you avoid repetitive stress injuries!


Pop Filter

An absolute must-have!


Pop Filter

The mic I used to use (when I only did a USB connection instead of the audio interface I use now). Great for if you're just getting started!


Fitness Stair Stepper

When you work in front of a computer all day, staying in motion is important! That's why I love this thing!


Computer Keyboard

Best keyboard I've ever had! Super slick, feels great, and is very ergonomic!

Thanks for Supporting Us!

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