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Headache Free

We're excited to begin working together!

The following is some handy information for you to have as we get to know each other a bit!

Office Hours & Communication Channels

You will receive a weekly update each Monday via email letting you know what we've completed, what we're working on, plus what we need from you.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm Pacific Standard Time

The best way to communicate or to ask questions is to send an email to hello@invicta.enterprisesWe do our best to reply to all emails within 1 business day


If an email won't do the trick, you can always grab a time to talk on the phone using this scheduling link -

What We'll Need
From You

In order to build the website of your dreams, we're going to need some help from you!

We do our best to make this process as easy and streamlined as possible. This generally involves scheduling a 1-on-1 content collection call where we will work with you to get all of the info we'll need for the new site (e.g. text, images, product info, etc.).

It's important to note - we cannot start building your website until we have all of the content that we'll need!

This helps us plan, avoids re-work (which can take extra time and money!), and just keeps the project running smoothly!


We truly believe in providing a "headache-free" experience. To this end, we provide multiple payment options including Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, as well as secure debit/credit card payments (with a 3% convenience fee).

Depending on how your payment structure was set up, your card may be automatically charged or you may receive an invoice from us that you will need to go and pay. 

Either way, we'll keep you in the loop as the project progresses!

Scope of Work

Through Invicta’s detailed Discovery process, it’s our goal to create a Scope of Work that encapsulates everything you need to have the kind of website you really want. 


However, we understand that your needs as a business can change and expand. 


That’s why we make it simple for you to add items to your Scope of Work at any point in the process!

As a fellow business owner, we know you understand that additional work will take additional time & cost additional money. The agreed upon Scope of Work that we land on will have an accompanying project total cost. In order to add items to the Scope of Work, the project total cost will increase accordingly. 


We totally get that things change! We remain flexible in allowing our clients to easily add items to their Scope of Work upon request as they acknowledge the effect that will have on the project total cost.


Team Invicta


Katherine -

Project Management & Client Success

Gus - Design & Development Lead

Untitled design - 2021-11-08T125425.101.png

Joel - Graphic Design Lead

Brady -

Founder, CEO

Smith Family 2019 - 121.jpg



Step #1



The project will kick off with a down payment and content collection!

We will send you the initial invoice that you will be able to pay online. Then we will schedule a content collection call where we will work together to get all text, images, and information that we’ll need to build out your awesome new website!

Don’t worry - we’ll walk you through each step and be just a call/text/email away if you have any questions!

Step #2

Sitemap &

Style Tile


A sitemap is just a simple, visual way to show the page structure of your new website. Our team will create this first to make sure that we have all the site pages in the right order to meet your goals.


We will  also create a sample mockup of the main part of the homepage (we call it a Style Tile) using all the information we get from you in Step #1. The goal here is to give you a visual feel for how the colors, fonts, and design elements will play out.

We’ll send those to you for approval and once we get a “heck yes!” from you, we’ll tackle Step #3.

Step #3



Next step is where things really start to get exciting!

Mockups are basically the website “rough draft”. We will create mockups for all page types - main pages, sub pages, etc. in both desktop layout and mobile layout.

The goal here is to get the design 100% ready to go BEFORE we do any development so that we can make any necessary tweaks. This saves a ton of time and helps us deliver your amazing new website as quickly as possible!

The best way to envision this step is to think of it like creating a scale model. First we created the blueprints, now we’ve got a scale model of how the site will look! Once the scale model is good to go, that will allow us to rock out the development phase!

Step #4



The blueprints and the scale model have been created, tweaked, and approved. Now the real work begins - development!

This is where we make the dream come to life.

The website will be developed and any additional features or functionalities will be added and set up.

Step #5

Quality Check

& Launch


We’ve arrived! Our team will go back through EVERYTHING and do a thorough, comprehensive check to ensure that everything is spick and span and that everything functions at 100%.

Now all that’s left is to launch your new incredible website to the world!

Let's MAKE

Something Awesome

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